Monday, September 26, 2011

Minute To Win It

3 weeks until our program and I am very nervous!! I am not the type of person that enjoys getting up in front of large crowds so this is a huge step for me! My kids have been working so hard these past few weeks and I knew that we needed to have a little fun this week so we brought out their favorite game- Minute to Win it. I think they could play for hours. I know that there are so many different game ideas out there but here are the ones that we have used in our primary that work really well-

1- Place The Face-Show them a picture of Mr. Potato head they must then recreate the same face. I always throw in random objects and extra pieces to make it more challenging.
2- Arrange The Picture- I have taken a 5x7 picture of the Salt Lake Temple and cut it into pieces they must put the picture back together.
3-Fix The Mix- I got a package of the magnetic letters from the dollar store and place them on the chalkboard in no particular order, they must put them in the right order.
4- Dress The Part- I bring a small suitcase full of clothes that missionaries wear, they must put on the outfit.
5- Don't Drop Fred- Take a boiled egg and draw a face on it, I have a fabric hopscotch game that I bring and lay out on the floor. They must hold the egg on a spoon while doing hopscotch.
6- Hot Air Race- Bring a bag of balloons and choose two kids to come up, see who can blow up the most balloons in the time given.
7- Laundry Toss- Kids must throw 5 balls in varying sizes into a laundry basket.
8- Don't Miss- Kids must drop 20 clothespins into a mason jar in time given.

We started out by singing a song and I told the kids that I would pick someone who was trying their hardest to sing to come up and pick a game, of course they all wanted a turn and we were able to still review all of our program songs and have fun, that's a double bonus in my book!

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