Tuesday, October 11, 2011


~I can not take credit for this idea, it was posted over on the Yahoo Group~

Are you looking for an idea that will allow you to review all of your songs? This idea will keep the kids engaged and they will beg to keep singing so they can get their prize!

I took a big box, I used a flat rate box from the post office, and put a few rocks in it. We started this in January and I needed to make it feel like there was something in there as I did not want treats sitting in this box for the next 8 months. After putting a few rocks in there I wrapped it all up and then tied 8 ribbons around it. I then wrote all the names of the songs for this years program on the front. I took this into Primary on the first Sunday of the year and explained to the kids that through out the month we would work on one song and that the last week of the month would be test week. If they passed the test they would get to cut a ribbon off. When all the ribbons were off we would open the present and see what was inside. I so wish that I had a picture- I'm sorry!

I new what I wanted to put in the box, so I got busy creating these little gems.

2 mini Hershey's bars wrapped with paper and a label stuck on. I cant remember where I first saw this idea so if you know please let me know so I can give proper credit.
They were a lot of work but so worth it, the kids loved them! I also included a handwritten thank you note to the kids, thanking them for working so hard all year. They loved it and it was a great way to keep them motivated!

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